Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Belly Dance

As a kid, my parents tried to get my interested in a lot of different extra-curricular activities (not sure you call them that, but whatever) such as sport, music and dance classes. Sadly, while I liked them, I never really striked a passion for any. I wanted to be really good right here right now, and I did not want to start with the basic: I neither had the patience to go slowly, neither the self esteem to see myself doing bad in all of those. 

This is obviously not me. Found the image on google :)

Last year I looked for something fun to do with my mother, sister (my brother's wife <3) and her mother and we thought of belly dancing: there is nothing more random than belly dancing, and we thought that the four of us would have fun doing it, being a dance mainly of muscle control rather than rapidity and performance - at least at the start. In the end, my sister got busy with school and wanted to do something more cardio, and her mother had a knee problem that did not mix up well with belly dancing. So thus, my mother and I continued, the both of us enjoying this mother daughter quality time, without much stress. 

The classes stopped during summer so we haven't practiced for a few months, but it started once more and I had my first class tonight at 6. I love those classes. I hope I can find a belly dancing class in Korea, though I don't know about that... while there might be classes in Seoul, I think I'll just end up comparing myself to those skinny korean girls and feel fat XD oh well, I'll see what happens there, no need to worry about that.


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